Gary B. Woolman, CEPA, CFBS

Gary B. Woolman, CEPA, CFBS

Founder and Retirement Income Specialist for business owners and corporate executives

Office: (260) 424-1125

While Gary Woolman’s introduction to the financial services industry may have been somewhat accidental, his decades of success as a financial advisor most certainly are not. In the late seventies, Gary was persuaded to consider a career in insurance. Though Gary insisted he was happy as a bank manager, the recruiter persisted.

Now entering his fourth decade in the business, the founder of Woolman Financial Group, has built a successful financial services practice based on his sharp analytical capabilities, a strong work ethic, and his dedication to faith and community. He has a strong team to ensure that clients and their families will be well taken care of for many years to come.

Gary’s comprehensive approach to his clients’ finances allows them to see their full financial picture at one glance. His natural curiosity and analytical style translate into strategies that are questioned, tested, then tested again before implementation. “Everyone comes in with certain opinions about what they should do with their money, advice they may have received from friends, colleagues or the media,” explains Gary. “We challenge every assumption because everyone has a different need for money, and one size does not fit all,” he adds. “My job is fine-tune the methods to your unique needs.”

Woolman Financial Group offers a specialized approach to financial services with an emphasis on balancing wealth creation and protection. The practice works with individuals and families at all life stages. Gary’s personal passion is working with business owners to help grow and protect their businesses, and to assist with exit and legacy-building strategies. Coming from a family of educators and coaches, Gary derives great personal satisfaction from teaching and guiding his clients to do well for themselves.

Outside of work, Gary is a proud grandfather of six, who loves to travel and spend time with his wife, Becky. He and Becky are deeply involved in their church, Headwaters Church, where they both are very involved in the prayer ministry and he is a group table leader in the adult Bible Fellowship, called Legacy, as well the men’s weekly Bible study. In 2002 Gary graduated from Leadership Fort Wayne, which provides leadership development to a diverse group of citizens to empower them to effectively serve their community.

Gary and Becky reside in Fort Wayne, Indiana.