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Our Process

When do you seek the guidance of a financial advisor? For many of our clients, it is a major milestone in life that prompts a meeting with us – a birth, marriage, or anticipation of retirement, perhaps. For some, it’s the nagging feeling of needing a first or second opinion about their personal finances.

Wherever on this spectrum you may fall, chances are that you already have some pieces of your financial picture in place – but have you built your strategy with an end in mind? We believe it’s important to look at your finances as you would if you were building a house. Start with a solid foundation, and then add the various levels and features until you arrive at a place that is sound and secure.

Our work begins with understanding your core values and goals. We develop strategies that align with those values to give you more time and freedom to create the lifestyle you envision. Our main goal is to keep you in control of your financial future.